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Ashley Lang, Project Assistant, Cary Institute
Dates: 10 September through 31 May 2015
Office & Phone: Likens Lab - Desk #4, Ext. 186
Host: Colin Fuss
Purpose of Visit: Research

Nikita Morrison, Intern
Carmel High School - New Visions Environmental Science and Sustainability
Dates: Intermittently, 6 February through 5 June 2015
Office & Phone: Likens Lab - Desk #5, Ext. 278
Host: Sylvia Lee
Purpose of Visit: Diatom Research

Keeley MacNeill, Graduate Student, Cornell University, Ithaca NY
Dates: 24-26 February 2015
Office & Phone: Email listed below or via Emma Rosi-Marshall
Host: Emma Rosi-Marshall
Purpose of Visit: Introduction to Emma Rosi-Marshall

Alex Klein, PhD Candidate, University of California, Davis
Dates: 24 February through 10 March 2015
Office & Phone: Groffman Lab
Host: Peter Groffman
Purpose of Visit: Research in Groffman Laboratory

Patricio Pereyra, Visiting Researcher
Instituto de Biologia Marina y Pesquera "Almirante Storni"
Guemes 1030 - San Antonio Oeste (8520) Rio Negro, Argentina
Dates: 1 May through 31 July 2015
Office & Phone: Likens Lab - Desk #6, Ext. 194
Host: Dave Strayer
Purpose of Visit: Collaborative Research on Invasive Species

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