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Brandon Harrand, Volunteer
Dates: 22 January through 1 June 2014
Office & Phone: Likens Lab - Desk #7; Ext. 249
Host: Lia Harris
Purpose of Visit: Assistance with Education Program

Lauren Martin, Student
Mahopac High School
Dates: 7 February through 29 June 2014 -- On campus ~ two days each week
Office & Phone: Likens Lab - Desk #1; Ext. 145
Host: Stuart Findlay
Purpose of Visit: Examining water quality effects on stream algae.

Dr. Fabio Roland, Paje Extraordinaire, Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil
Dates: 5 March through 15 May; and again 1-3 June 2014
Office & Phone: Cole Office; Ext. 135
Host: Jon Cole
Purpose of Visit: Collaboration with Cary Scientists on Reservoirs Project

Alexis Paspalof, Graduate Student
University of Nebraska
Dates: 25 March through 1 August 2014
Office & Phone: Likens Lab - Desk #5; Ext. 278
Host: Emma Rosi-Marshall
Purpose of Visit: Graduate Research

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